The beloved red flame

Vogue U.S. creative director, alluring Grace Coddington, lives among wonderful fairy tales. Trespassing bed time stories by turning Little Natalia Vodianova Red Hood’s grandma handmade wardrobe into capes, coats, dresses and suits of all shades of red, Coddington dresses Perrault’s naughty girl from Marc Jacobs to Galliano, without forgetting her Yamamoto. “My, what a long train you have” said the wolf “The better to enchant you with” she replied.

Hansel and Gretel, the story is to be renamed, as Lady Gaga becomes, the evil witch of the tale. Not satisfied by what already is, Grace is also willing to take her favourite characters into stories of her own; Natalia Vodianova and Diddy, in a train-station-moment-worthy love story.

Lady Gaga in Hansel and Gretel

The Anglesey-born editor, who used to order Vogue in “Rush-Copy” and received it three months late, is now entering the digital era with fear – “I’m really scared, can I keep up with it?” -; but with her distinctive savoir-faire intact: “I like fairy tales, and I like dreaming. I try to weave the reality into the dream,” she says. “When readers pick up Vogue, I want them to smile. Everything should be a little tongue in cheek, a little dare-to-go-there.”

Alice in Wonderland by Grace Coddington

Smile and amusement gasps should be a must of every Vogue reader thanks to the work of Miss Coddington. With a very pure cut when it comes to portraying fashion, the use of actors in the magazine is not her ideal of the job “An actor often dictates what you’re going to get. I find that annoying. And I’m incredibly shy, so they scare the pants off me. But I feel perfectly comfortable with the models. They’re like my kids.”

Grace Coddington front row at Pierre Balmain, Paris Haute Couture, Autumn Winter 19

With more than 30 years on the field -almost ten years as a model, 15 years as the creative director of Vogue, and 19 before that at its British counterpart- Grace has now perfection her trademark, narrative photographic spreads and can easily be considered one of the most influential minds in fashion. Awarded with the Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator in 2009 British Fashion Awards, she is now exploring new stages, and may be doing an animated movie on her cats with filmmaker R.J. Cutler.

Miss Coddington, admired by Vogue readers everywhere, jumped to the light spot when stealing The September Issue from Anna Wintour.

The truth is the rivalry suggested afterwards cannot be further from Grace’s nature – “Seriously, though, a lot of people say Anna’s the business one and I’m the creative one. It’s not true. She’s the creative one. So many of the shoots I do start with her ideas. She was the creative director of Vogue before I was, after all. I also believe that everyone needs an editor. What she does is edit and make my work stronger.”

“The love of Cats” (8)

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2 Responses to The beloved red flame

  1. bonfood says:

    I love your photos of Grace. I have just recently watched the September issue documentary and found it a very interesting insight into the “fashion” world. I thought she seemed very real and a little sad.

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